Why You Should Be Using Videos

Why You Should Be Using Videos

Not sure about using video for your business? A number of business owners have expressed concerns about this question. One main reason most likely results from not feeling comfortable with video creation. Another reason may be because they are wondering if making videos are really worth the time and effort. Whatever the reason, this article should help dispel those fears and answer why as a business you should be using videos.

Important online video statistics

According to ongoing research done by Cisco, videos will account for 82% of all web traffic on the Internet by 2022.

Potential buyers say that watching videos helps to increase their confidence when it comes to buying a product or service online. Video demos normally do better than written ones.

Now if those stats haven’t changed your mind maybe the next one will.

Currently, YouTube has over 5 billion videos viewed each day as of February of 2021 according to Google.com!

More solid reasons why you should be using videos

Video are easier to view than text

Videos are easy to watch especially when it comes to learning how to do something. How many times have you tried to learn something by reading a 50 page text manual. Most likely if you didn’t fall asleep, you simply didn’t understand the instructions, got confused or it was just too time consuming. Just having a simple 10-minute video would have made a big difference.

Show “how to” do something

Videos can directly show the viewer “How To” do something and they can help you to tell a story. When people watch a video, they often don’t even realize that they are being “sold” to.

YouTube is part of Google

Because Google owns YouTube, adding videos on YouTube linked to your site is going to put you in a good light with them. Google is more likely to reward you with higher website rankings and more exposure for your business. Do a quick Google search for any topic and make a note of how many videos are listed at the top of the results.

Videos are easy to share with others

Video is easy to share with others and can be shared across multiple channels. You can place your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram for example and see how many times they get shared. Imagine what this could possibly do to increase your market reach and exposure!


Many videos are just plain fun. People love to watch them and a good video can do wonders for your business. Look at how the Blend Tec videos went viral when the company started blending up all types of products. People would tune-in just to see what they would put into their blender next.

Video adds to your content strategy

Using videos is just another form of content strategy. It helps to give a boost to your articles and blog post content. And video really helps with sales pages and lead generation pages.

Wrapping it up…

Are you starting to see why you should be using video in your business now? I hope so. It is not that hard to create your first video with the right tools. Are you shy? Then you can make simple videos with VideoMaker FX (which I use). Or you can even just turn a slide presentation into a video. Just remember, as you create more videos the process will become easier and less time consuming.

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