VideoMaker FX Evaluation

Introduction to VideoMaker FX Evaluation

VideoMaker FX Evaluation

Top online marketers know the incredible power of a well made video. It's been proven over and over again to boost conversions and make more sales. Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider VideoMaker FX over other available video creation software apps.

  1. This software is easy to use and master. Most video creation software take weeks or months to learn let alone master. But with VideoMaker FX, you can master it in just hours.

  2. Make great videos. You can create awesome looking videos in minutes with VideoMaker FX.

  3. No video creation restrictions. Most free trial and video creation 'freeware" limits the number of videos you can make, and often adds Watermarks to your video. Not with VideoMaker FX. For a one time purchase, you can make unlimited videos (w/o watermarks) and have FULL RIGHTS to every video you create.

  4. Increase your sales. Videos captivate and engage with your audience. Easily make videos for just about anything you can imagine.

Recording video is complex and it just isn't easy to produce. Of course you can make one of those mind numbing slideshows with the countless applications available to you, but why do that? Boring slideshow videos are all over the web and no one really likes watching them. Do you actually believe those videos are effective at selling anything?

Of course there are other great video creation solutions available. But they are not cheap plus most require a steep learning curve which is very time consuming. I don't know about you, but my time is better used on growing my business, not spending countless hours learning how to use the software.

Another alternative is to outsource it to someone else. But again it ends up being much more costly. And you still can spend hours planning alone with back and forth input with the production process. To top it off, that's just for a few minute SINGLE video.

Product Description

So what's the best solution? Where you can actually produce professional looking videos quickly and do it easily? That's where *VideoMaker FX come into play!

It doesn't take months, weeks, or even days to learn how to use this software. Within a few hours, you can start creating professional looking video to your hearts content. Even though the software was designed for marketers in mind, you can create and kind of video. And you can get it for a one time price, not for a monthly rate or annual fee.

Some Example videos you can create with *VideoMaker FX to boost your business and income.

  • Make promotion videos to sell your products or services
  • Create videos that feature affiliate offers you are promoting including your added bonuses
  • Produce Amazon product reviews and demos
  • Sell videos you make to other businesses
  • Do an introduction video for a lead page to build your list and increase your authority
  • Add videos you make to your YouTube channel and bring more traffic to your site

Complete Customization Options

You have full control of text content, color, size and type font used along with special text effects. Also access to beautiful backgrounds and scenery. Easy to create animation effects and much more! Add what you like, remove what you don't. Add music from 20 royalty free music tracks that's included or add your own. Or record your own voice along with the video track and still have background music (2 audio tracks). Use your own images and add other video clips (up to 30 seconds).

Product Highlights:

  • VideoMaker FX software
  • 20 royalty free music tracks
  • 240 plus animated slide scenes (35 different themes)
  • Background and graphic collection
  • Full video rights so you can sell, broadcast, or share them.
  • 1-year full support and updates
  • Training and guides
  • Works on any computer or laptop running windows or MAC!
  • Creates HD (high definition) quality level output
  • No watermarks, no monthly fees, no monthly limits - 100% your videos to use as you please.
  • 30-day complete money-back guarantee
  • Make unlimited number of videos


I bought this app when it first became available online. As promised, it did only take a few hours to get the hang of how to use the software. I made my company brand introduction as my first video with music. However, I did find some of the templates harder to integrate than others. Also I couldn't always get it to work the way I wanted.

For instance, I wanted to add a pre-recorded video clip to my custom video. The clip was one minute long (60 seconds). But, the maximum time available is 30 seconds. Anything longer and it gets chopped off. I could add another 30 second slide. But then I needed another video editor to split up the original clip into two 30 second segments. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Also adding text to some of the template slides to look professional takes some time to get used to. It was something that was not so intuitive for me to do compared to others. Overall, I still consider VideoMaker FX a superb bargain and it still works great to this very day. I definitely recommend *VideoMaker FX to anyone who has struggled making videos. Or to anyone who has never made a video before, but would like to start.

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VideoMaker FX Evaluation


limited time
Video Maker FX Evaluation

       Overall Rating

Support     9.0/10
Ease of Use     8.5/10
Features   9.0/10
Quality     9.0/10
Overall Rating    9.0/10


  • Easy to learn and implement
  • Unlimited usage with no restrictions
  • Pre-installed templates, backgrounds and graphics
  • Quality royalty free music tracks
  • Choice of 8 different size outputs including HD and 9 quality levels from poor to perfect


  • Adding pre-recorded video clips are limited to 30 seconds or less
  • Audio fade in/out are not present in preview mode, must export video
  • Limited number of character templates

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