So You Want to be an Internet Marketer

So you want to be an Internet marketer. What does it take to become one?

Well, if you are anything like me, you may have tried a number of renowned programs or even followed a few “successful” online guru marketers, but have yet to achieve anything close to the results they brag about.

And once you have experience with one program or another, pretty soon they all pretty much look the same, offering similar “training” or “coaching” that goes something like this:

The Basic Offer:

Also known as the front end offer that is designed to get you all worked up by wetting your appetite with an invitation to a fantastic opportunity in Internet or online marketing. Usually followed by how you can achieve the same whopping results using pictures of mansions, piles of cash, beautiful women and hot cars. And you can get all this just by following their simple to follow basic program. Normally offered to you for anywhere in the $7-27 price range.

What you end up getting. A Wikipedia definition of Internet marketing, how to get a domain name, a hosting account, how to install and setup a WordPress website, where to find affiliate products to promote (usually from Clickbank or Amazon), and how to setup that affiliate link on your website to “start making money”. Some will even go as far as tell you how to get “FREE” traffic.

A Trip through their Sales Funnel:

Once you buy the basic offer, you are usually taken to an UPSELL or a OTO (one time offer) page. The upsell usually goes something like, “How to shortcut your way to Internet profits by taking our easy to follow step-by-step insider program.” Once inside, you will be shown how to optimize your website, learn what offers are hot and not, be given sources the “big guns” use to make huge profits – and so on… to help your business succeed online that’s not included in the basic package for only $xx.xx today! You will never see the price this low again.

What you end up getting. A list of recommended WordPress plugins (some with affiliate links) and basic instructions how to set them up, how to look up products on the eBay, Amazon, or Clickbank hot buys listing, using common sites like eLance, fivver, and other related sites that offer outsourcing, and either another ebook or set of training videos explaining how to do it.

But it doesn’t end there:

Once you buy the upsell or OTO offer, you are then taken to yet another higher priced offer that will assure your success. This offer is usually to an exclusive insider membership where you will get personal attention, monthly updates, early bird releases, and so on.

By the time you are finished with all the upsells and offers, you can easily spend a few hundred bucks or more. And now the trend is to get you to sign onboard to some monthly membership program that requires an ongoing fee to keep you “in the loop” on the latest and greatest ways to make money online.

What usually ends up happening is when you follow all what they say, get things setup and going the way they recommend – end up finding your offer or site just sitting there collecting electronic dust. Maybe you got lucky with a few sales here and there, but it’s no where near what was advertised, let alone enough to quit your day job.

The Problem:

However, you still have this nagging belief that there must be a way to you can make money online – not just enough to quit your job, but more than you ever dreamed of. And this is what keeps you going, the thing that drives you to keep looking for and buying the next offer and the next one in hopes that you will finally stumble on the one that will do what you are looking for.

Reality Check:

Well let me be the first to say for the number of years that I have been online – there is no secret magic formula, instant automatic success button or exceptionally special software that by itself will make you rich beyond belief. Even those who use “the claim to fame and riches” in their sales copy have disclaimers at the bottom of their site, that point blank admit to the fact that you will not get rich quick using their system or program if you’re paying attention.

Another typically missed item that is often overlooked are the testimonials given by those who “made it” with their system (if genuine and not canned). If you’re paying attention, you will most likely find in small print nearby another disclaimer stating, “The results shown are exceptional and your actual results may vary.” In other words, you most likely will not experience anywhere close to what is being promoted in the sales copy because those results are exceptional.

Does this mean every program online has no value and should be avoided at all cost?

Of course not, there are ethical coaches and programs that provide plenty of value and offer programs designed to genuinely guide you toward the path of success. And most of them are worth every penny they ask for if in fact they are the real deal and are willing to share with you all the methods they use for obtaining their success.

How do you really know if a program or coach will really give you the help you need to put it all together to start making real money online?

The Solution:

To begin with, there are at least several factors you should consider.

First, not every person’s skill sets are the same. Some will succeed where other fail because not every program works for every person. That’s why it is important to understand what it is you are actually being offered and determine if the program or coach is really for you. If you have questions, then contact their support for a clearer understanding before you buy.

Check Forums like the Warrior Forum to find comments posted by others who have already gotten the product or have bought other products from the vendor.

The better programs will offer you (and honor it) a guarantee to completely refund your money back if you are not satisfied. And that is important, to be sure you can get a refund if it isn’t working for you. Look for at least a 30 day, but ideally look for a 60 day guarantee or longer.

And finally, if the program is being offered through a provider like Clickbank, you can go to the marketplace and see how many refunds have been made on it. If it is over the usual amount, then most likely it is a program you should avoid.

Final Thoughts…

I don’t know if you picked up on it – but the all the above information I gave in this article is actually how Internet marketing works! I gave you all of the important background elements and gave you pointers as to the way it flows – both the good and bad (what to avoid doing yourself).

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