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Introduction to Smart Video Metrics

Complete Smart Video Metrics Review.

Have you created a ton of videos and put them online hoping that they would bring in sales? Or added an opt-in video to your squeeze page and have zero sign-ups?

Perhaps one of the biggest issues you face today is that your videos are just right-out not converting. Even worse, is not knowing - Why?

Smart online marketers understand the importance of tracking results. This is true for whatever business activities you are involved with, online or off. Videos are just as important, but not always as obvious. However if you want to really know the effectiveness of any video you have, then tracking is a must.

If you are uploading your videos to YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia and counting on the "stats" they provide - you are making a big mistake! Yes, they show that you’re getting views, but what does that really mean for your business? The analytics they provide do not show anything about money you are making or number of subscribers being added to your email list!

So why are you continuing to play the guessing game? Why are you continuing to throw mud at the wall and hope that it sticks?

Why not instead equip your business with the power to accurately to know how well your videos are converting or not converting?

That's where *Smart Video Metrics comes in.

Product Description

Smart Video Metrics is designed to allow you to automatically track the performance of any YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia video and then lets you know exactly how much profit you're making.

It is instant video conversion technology that shows you exactly how well your videos are converting. You'll discover exactly how much each video is worth to your business.

Run automatic video split tests and increase your profit margins using your best producing videos, no more guessing!

Smart Video Metrics data can show you exactly how well your video converts and how much profit it’s producing, instantly! Doesn't matter if it's on YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia.

Product Highlights

So what does Smart Video Metrics actually track?

Currently, the app is setup to track the following:

  • Video's Conversion Rate
  • Revenue Per View
  • Number of Conversions
  • Number of Plays
  • Average View Duration
  • Average Time To Conversion
  • Total revenue per video

Plus, they continue to update their feature set, so new data is always being added.

Sample DATA Screen:

Smart Video Metrics data results

Smart Video Metrics Review Verdict

I recommend Smart Video Metrics for anyone who uploads videos to YouTube (Vimeo or Wistia) and wants to know if they are productive for them. Or for those who want to know which of their videos is better than the others. And since it is web based, there is no software to install, it works on all devices - another plus.

In addition, there are some very useful bonuses included as well.

  1. The Salt Formula - how to make videos that actually help your business generate leads and sales
  2. 1,000 Professional Stock Video Images
  3. VidPro Templates - 7 top converting video templates you can use in your business.
  4. Live 90 minute Q & A session

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Smart Video Metrics Results


Overall Rating

Smart Video Metrics app
Support     9.0
Ease of Use     9.5
Features     8.5
Quality     9.0
Overall Rating    9.1


  • All in one web based video platform
  • Track up to 25 videos per month
  • Access to all conversion data for your videos
  • Includes video tracking for YouTube, Vimeo, and Wista platforms
  • Geo-location conversion data
  • Unlimited lifetime updates


  • Limited to 25 videos per month (upgrade available)
  • Limited usage rights to just your own videos (unlimited Agency rights available – extra)
  • Doesn’t calculate return on investment at this time (possible future update?)

Limited One Time Price

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