Right and Wrong Ways of Internet Marketing

do’s and don’ts of Internet Marketing
Like most things in life, there’s a right way and wrong way to utilize Internet marketing. In this article, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on some of the more important do’s and don’ts of Internet marketing for your online business.

Internet Marketing Do’s –

Do review your website design and navigation:

Keep the navigation of your website simple and make it easy to find things. It should not be so complex that your visitors become frustrated and leave. Your website should be well-organized with the use of menus, dynamic and user-friendly. The website should be attractive, professional and eye-catching, so that when users arrive, they are captivated.

Do Search Engine Optimization:

Use SEO to help your website rank higher in the organic search results. Choose keywords that you users are most likely to use when searching for a certain topic. Plan a solid strategy for your SEO. Then add related terms used in optimization including: On-page, Off-page, linking and personalization, that you want to be well-known.

When it come to Google, realize that SEO has shifted more towards content, usability, and mobile. Google’s algorithm doesn’t reward sites that become obsessed with SEO rankings, but those that focus more on what its users are looking for.

Do include a blog for your website:

Writing blog article posts is a tactic that still helps businesses today. A blog helps you to bring in more traffic to your website and helps increase interest in your niche. Make use of the RSS feeds in your blogs, so that the user can be notified of updates and new posts whenever they’re made.

Do make use of Social Media networks:

As you know, social media is a very hot medium in today’s world of online marketing, so you should put it to use as much as you can. Social sites allow you to make your post viral. The more people who are exposed to it, the more viral your content can become. It also helps to boost your brand popularity.

Do make use of online advertising:

In addition to SEO, paid advertising done right increases sales and income. Using Pay-per-click (PPC) for example, will help your site appear quicker on search results pages. Combined with SEO, this can be an excellent advertising tool. A benefit of PPC is that you only have to pay whenever someone clicks on your ad link.

Internet Marketing Don’ts –

Don’t use duplicate content:

Whenever possible, use fresh and newly written content to get better results. In the field of Internet marketing, copying the same content from other websites is not acceptable. Your business website can be banned if you are caught copying the content and can even face a lawsuit. Instead, it’s better to use your own content and keep it updated on a regular basis.

Don’t like your own posts:

It’s not advisable to like your own post to get more likes. Rather it creates a negative impression on the users about you and your brand. Also, this won’t help in extending your reach, either. Instead focus on developing a habit of posting regularly on social media sites.

Don’t start advertising an incomplete website:

Until your website is fully functional and complete, do not advertise it, have it indexed, or say anything about it until it is ready. Once operational, you can then add it to groups, do press releases and list it to search engines to announce your website. You can also encourage your online friends to add your website links on their sites, to increase web traffic and interest for your site.

Don’t use long boring messages:

Using long and boring messages is never accepted by anyone. Avoid writing long messages, quotes, or replies on posts. Your messages should always be short and to the point. No one is interested in reading unnecessary lengthy content. Everyone in today’s world is busy and doesn’t have the time, so be concise when writing content.

Don’t forget about mobile users:

Always create a mobile responsive site, so that it is easier to use and in turn you may receive a positive response. According to Forbes, 87% of online sales by 2017 will be made from tablets and smartphones. So, whenever you are creating a website, always think about the mobile users by adding a responsive web design.

Final Thoughts…

Savvy Internet marketers understand that you can’t make a sale with just a single visit. No matter how compelling the sales copy or image, most times a customer’s journey from awareness to purchase happens across multiple visits, devices, and channels. Now since you know the right and wrong ways of Internet Marketing, are you ready?

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