Online Marketing Basics

Online Marketing Basics

For online marketing to work, you need to have some type of online presence. The most common way to accomplish this is by having a website or blog. Arguably, you can also setup a presence with just social media or even have a mailing list without a site. However, those options don’t offer as much flexibility has having your own site. With that in mind, online marketing basics mentioned here assumes you run a site of your own.

Online marketing focuses on utilizing web based advertisements and building natural search engine rankings to promote your website. Why? Because online marketing involves developing effective and cost efficient ways to increase targeted visitors to your website.

Marketing Methods

What are the main methods used for online marketing?

Which method should I use?

Each marketing method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Many established business sites utilize all of them. However, if you’re a beginner or have limited resources, it’s best to start with just one method and build from there. Here’s some information that may help you decide:

  • SEO takes a while to establish, but generally has the highest and most lasting returns on ROI.
  • PPC can produce an ROI quickly and costs only as much money as you want or have to put into it.
  • Social Media requires a significant amount of time to do, but costs are very low.

Importance of Traffic Conversion and ROI

What Does “Traffic Conversion” Mean?

Simply put, traffic conversion means your visitors are not just finding you, they’re also interacting with you in a meaningful way. Defining “meaningful” interaction is entirely up to you. However, it should be measurable. Examples: directing a customer to contact you, signing up on an opt-in form, or purchase something from your online store.

What is “ROI”?

ROI is Return On Investment. Marketing yourself or your brand costs time and resources. If you want to maintain a lasting marketing model, ROI is important. Just to break even, earnings need to be at least as much as spending. To make a profit, earning need to be greater than spending. By increasing web traffic conversion can increase your ROI. Understanding the dynamics of an investment with it’s possible return, can help you make better decisions with your marketing.

How Can I Increase Traffic Conversion and ROI?

Start by studying your target audience. Look at your business from a customers’ perspectives. Collect information and look at analytics to help you see your customers’ behaviors. Ask yourself questions like:

Does your website design help your visitors get involved in a meaningful way?
Which keywords promote the type of action you are looking for?
Which marketing method can you best put to use to maximize the ROI you want?

Measuring Your Marketing Success

Why Is It Important To Measure My Marketing Success?

Two reasons to measure you marketing efforts. One, it will help you know if your marketing strategies are working. Two, it will help you identify areas for improvement. It can also help to identify which marketing methods are the most successful. That way, you can channel more of your efforts into what you know is working.

How Can I Measure My Marketing Effectively?

There are a number of analytical tools available to help you measure your website’s traffic. Depending on the tool’s ability that you use, you can measure how many people are visiting your site. Also where your visitors are coming from, how long they stay on your site, and more. Most website and business owners choose Google Analytics to help them measure their marketing progress.

However, just using analytics alone only gives you part of the picture. You will also need to combine it with other information gathered (like sales, expenses, and so on). This will give you a more dynamic understanding of how you can continue to change and improve your marketing strategies.

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